How it works

DTO provides you with your very own training website. This website is styled in your brand and incorporates our licensed technology to deliver an online learning platform that’s easy to manage and is ‘always on’. Your site is hosted with us and your URL will be [yourbrand] (or other by special request). You are free to direct your own database of participants here via your own channels, or we can work with you to drive participant traffic.

All DTO clients will benefit from the DTO Portal, a soon-to-be-launched aggregator site that showcases all available modules from all DTO clients.

Read below to discover the 7 steps to being in charge of your very own, fully-featured online training site.


Determine the objectives

You’ll meet with our strategist to discuss what you’re trying to achieve through your training program(s), so we can ensure the design and functioning of your site helps you reach your objectives.


Decide on the style of your site

It’s important that your training site represents your destination/brand, which is why we provide a standalone site that can be styled in your desired manner. Depending on your needs and budget, we can take one of three approaches:

  1. To match (or approximate) the look and feel of your other website(s);
  2. To develop a completely new style under your brand; or
  3. To customise an existing DTO template with your brand colours and logo.


Receive your training

We’ll train your team on how to use the system so you can self-drive from here. That includes both updating general site content as well as creating modules, editing modules, confirming participants, and outputting reports. We’ll put you in control with our friendly, concise training session and provide a step-by-step online manual with screenshots of all common tasks. And if you’d like more help in future, we’re always here with an Australian-based support team.


Upload your modules

Our team will work alongside you to upload modules, so we’ll be reinforcing the training and building your internal capability along the way. We can also ensure all content gets proofed by our expert copywriter – or help you write the modules to begin with. If you need video or other content, our team can help with that too.

Once the content is sorted, you’ll be able to input the questions/answers and the rules such as pass marks or progression requirements.


Promote the training

Once your modules are loaded, it’s time to get the message out to participants. Using our platform or yours – or a combination of both – we can help you promote your training program. Our team of four designers can help with any advertising you’d like to do, including building custom HTML emails to send to prospective participants.

We will soon be launching the DTO Portal, an aggregator site providing access to all clients’ modules. Your current modules will be listed on here.


Measure the performance

Once your site has been promoted and participants have completed modules, it’s time to measure the effectiveness of your site and the participants’ performance. Using a combination of Google Analytics and DTO platform reporting data, we’ll provide a monthly snapshot of how your program is performing.


Refine, adjust, continue

Based on your program’s performance, you can make changes as required – whether that’s updating the modules, marketing to more participants, or reaching out to your best performers. All with our support whenever you need it. Your site and modules will remain live as long as you choose to continue the license, so you’ll be able to develop module after module, program after program, and continuously improve as you go.


DTO is the travel agent training platform you've been looking for – it's heavily featured and yet readily customisable, controlled by you, supported by us, and loved by agents